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Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Departure: Departs in specific days.
Route: Athens-Corinth-Epidauros-Nafplion-Mycenae-Olympia-Delphi-Kalambaka-Meteora-Veria-Naoussa-Edessa-Pella-Thessaloniki-Vergina-Thermopylae-Athens


Day 1 : Athens/Corinth/Epidauros/Nafplion/Mycenae/Olympia
You will start your journery with departing from Athens and driving southwest untill we reach the Corinth Canal which was completed back in 1893, the corinth canal effectively makes the Peloponnese peninsula an island, but before it was built the ships that would sail between the Aegean and Adriatic had to circumnavigate the Peloponnese adding about 185 miles to their journey whereas now they can easily cut through. Then we continue on to visit Epidauros and explore the well preserved Ancient Theatre of Epidauros. The theatre has amazing acoustics so that if you climb to the top you can hear the conversation of the people standing below, even down to a whisper.

Afterwards we will then proceed to the town of Nafplion where you will be given a short photo stop break to capture the marvellous scenery surrounding you. Our drive goes on til we reach Mycenae whilst here you will have time for visit the fascinating historical artifacts of Mycenae which will totally amaze you. As the day of sightseeing for today comes to end it then time to depart for Olympia, where you will be able to get a good rest as there will be an arranged overnight stay here.

Day 2 : Olympia/Delphi
As a new day begins its time for another day of sight seeing and walking back through time and this time its to go and visit the archeological sites of Olympia such that will include The Temple of Zeus, The Temple of Hera, Ancient Stadium and Archeology museum. After seeing Olympias precious history we will then depart for Delphi by driving through Patras – the very ancient city of the mythical Patreus, and across the Corinthian Bay via new bridge (known to be the longest bridge in Europe) from Rio to Antirion. As we arrive in Delphi we will pass through some very picturesque towns of Nafpactos and Itea. You will be provided with dinner at your hotel and also stay overnight here in Delphi.

Day 3 : Delphi/Kalambaka
In the morning you will be given the opportunity to visit the archeological sites of Delphi which is one of the most important treasures of Greece, by visiting The Temple of Apollo, Treasury of the Athenians and of course the fascinating Delphi museum where we can explore some very spectacular statues which include Charioteer, Naxion Sphinx and The Statue of Antinoss. After the tour aorund Delphi comes to an end we will then depart Delphi for make our route over to Kalambaka, on arrival in Kalambaka you will be taken to a hotel for the night.

Day 4 : Meteora/Thessaloniki
As the morning comes its time to get our shoes on and head out for a day of exlporing by us first visiting the breathtaking Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora, these structures gives you an idea about Byzantine art. The Monasteries here are situated on top of very high rock towers to which were unusually formed through natural occurances, it is known that christian monks still habitat these monasteries today. After seeing the unique Monasteries its time to leave Kalambaka and go to see the Archeological Park of Dion – This park is half swamp half ancient city, it really is a watery wonderland and as you stroll through the woodlands you will be able to find ancient ruins, and also enjoy the beautiful Mount Olympus which is the highest mountain in Greece and is located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia (100 km away from Thessaloniki). After our visit to Dion we will then depart for Thessaloniki where we will have dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5 : Veria/Naoussa/Edessa/Pella/Thessaloniki
During today we will heading off to visit the sacred Macedonian town that can be found lying at the foot of Mount Olympus with our first stop been at Biblical Beroea to explore Saint Pauls Bema and take a wander around its very colourful market area. We will then continue to Naoussa which is famously recognised for its parks (Municipal Park, Park of Saint Nicholas e.t.c) and also for been a ski resort. Naoussa is an extremely beautiful picturesque fishing village in the North of the island of Paros and also has many churches for have a look around. The ruins Aristotles scholl can also be found here which is only 2 km away from the contemporary Naoussa and the area of Edessa. After visiting the treasures of Naoussa it will the be time to go over to Pella which was the capital of Alexander the Great Macedonian kingdom it is here that we will go to see the Museum. As the end of the day rolls in it will be time to get back on the road and drive back to Thessaloniki for get some rest by having an overnight stay there.

Day 6 : Thessaloniki

Today you will have time to explore Thessaloniki which is the second largest city in Greece, you will be able to take visits to the amazing monuments, museums and most characteristic churches of the Christian world. The Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki was awarded with the Council of Europes Museum Prize, you will also be visiting The White Tower, The Archaeological Museum, The Olympic museum, and also The Greek agora. You will then have the rest of the day free for your own lesiure. Here are some ideas for you about what else there is to do in Thessaloniki, Shopping –  It is a leading shopping destination within its region you will be able to find anything from authentic antiques to modern day purchases, Take a nice evening walk along the seaside and watch the sunset over the coast, Try some authenthic Greek food and no better way then to taste ‘Street Food’ as Thessaloniki is regarded also to be the culinary capital, or if you want to be a night owl then why not head to one of the many bars in the area or better yet try the experience of ‘Bouzoukia’ – Live greek bars where alot of famous greek musicians perfom. (dinner and overnight stay at hotel in Thessaloniki)

Day 7 : Vergina/Thermopylae/Athens
Today is the final day of your adventure through Greece and we will be making our last tour to Vergina for visit the museum where we can see the many findings from the tomb of King Philip II (Alexanders father) and also many other unique archeological heritages. After the visit to the museum it will draw our time together to an end but not before we drive you back to Athens via the route Thessaly, Lamia, Thermopylae where on the way you will see the Leonidas Monument  – He was a spartan warrior and died an heroic death during the battle of Thermopylae. Our route will also take us through the area of Thebe til we eventually arrive back in Athens.

We trust that your time with us discovering and exploring some of Turkey and Greece’s hidden treasures and we trust that your adventure has been everything that you wanted and more, most of all we would also like to wish you a pleasant journey home and shall look forward to seeing you again on one of our many other time travelling packages.

*For visiting the Monastery,ladies need to wear a skirt and gentlements long trousers.

What’s Included

  • Pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Transportation,guidance, entrance fees for museum and sites.
  • Local taxes.
  • 6 nights accommodation in first class hotels including breakfast and dinner.

What’s Not Included

  • Tips (optional).
  • Personel expenses.