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Duration: 10 hours (approx)
Departure: Everyday
Route: Aphrodisas ancient City – Aphrodisas Museum -Aphrodisias Stadium


You can be picked up from the Izmir airport, Izmir Hotel, Izmir Marina or even from Izmir Cruise ship port. Your Aphrodisias guide will hold up a sign with your name on it so you will be able to find him / her easily. Aphrodisas tour  will take approximately 10 hours and after will drive you back to your Izmir hotel, Izmir Marina  ,Izmir airport or Izmir harbor in Turkey.

Getting to Aphrodisas is challenging, so the easiest way to see the Aphrodisas is recommended that you go as a private tour as this will ensure you will be able to make the most of your time exploring. Optimistic archaelogist believed that Aphrodisias will outshine Ephesus in 50 years time and already is the best sensation of being transported  back through time as you stand in the midst of this sanctimonious site. While the stunning remnants of Aphrodisas have been scrutinized for decades archaeologists believe that a great deal still remains to be discovered. The ruins unearthed to this date include well preserved buildings such as – Roman Stadium and Odeon,as well as a temple of Aphrodite,an Agora,A Bishop Palace, and some thermal baths. Although getting to Aphrodisias is a difficult it means that the site is less crowded than Ephesus and the carefully preserved ruins make it that extra worthwhile. The highlight has to be a visit to Aphrodisias is the ancient Stadium, the most well preserved that has ever been excavated, even the marble blocks that once marked the starting line for foot races are still in the central arena. The arean held an outstanding seating capacity of 30.000, and the roman gladiators have shed alot blood here in the search of finding glory and prestige before a full house audience. The looming structure at the bottom of the hill is Hadrian Bath that was equipped with a sauna, frigidarium and also changing rooms. After your visit to the baths our next place is to visit the The Temple of Aphrodite – which marks the site of ancient venereal veneration, although only a portion of its 40 column spiral fluted Corinthian colonnade still remains, the temple to this very day still retains its elegance that dates from the very 1st century CE.The shine originally housed a famous statues of Aphrodite that were smiliar in appearance to the many-breasted Aretmis of Ephesus. So far only copies of the original have been unearthed, with one of the most recent and most exciting of the discoveries at Aphrodisas has been made in an area a short distance to the SW of the Aphrodisas Museum. Here are the ruins of the Sebastion, this complex has been dated to the first half of the 1C AD and was dedicated to Aphrodite with no doubt, Agustus and certainly Tiberius and Livia. After we have explored all of sebastion its time to take a visit to the well preserved Theatre of Aphrodisas which has an estimated seating capacity of 8000 spectators and was originally consructed in the late Hellenistic Period, the theatre had been modified considerably during the second half of the 2C Ad as its horse-shoe shaped cavea had two, posisibly three, diazomata. According to an inscription the stage building was constructed at the expense of a late 1C BC notable named as Iulius Zolios who was a known to be former slave, he played an active part in the affairs of the city at that time. Our last stop is to Aphrodisias Archaelogical Museum among the highlights of the site’s must see museum are mega statues of Aphrodite and Satyr carrying the child Dionysus. After you have taken in the sights and sounds of your Aphrodisias Tour, you will be given some free time of about approx one hour  so you can the time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments in Aphrodisias. When the tour has finished you will go on to be returned back to your allocated pick up points. We trust that your time with us discovering and exploring some of Turkeys hidden treasures has been everything that you wanted and more, we would also like to wish you a pleasant journey home and shall look forward to seeing you again on one of our many other time travelling packages.

PS: Aphrodisias Tour we provide are private tours which means they include a driver and a separate tour guide who speaks english and they will accompany you throughout the tour and they will be able to answer any questions or queries during your tour. Those who book in advance avoid the rush and tight squeezes of traveling with all of the crowds.

What’s Included

  • Private Professional Licenced English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Private Deluxe A/C VIP Vehicle.
  • Parking Fees of vehicle
  • Pick up From Izmir Harbor, Izmir Airport, Izmir Hotel
  • Drop off to Izmir Harbor, Izmir Airport, Izmir Hotel

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities to the guide and driver
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
Private Aphrodisas Tour Prices
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A tour document with details and confirmations will be e-mailed after booking.
Private Aphrodisas Tour is runs everyday and available all year round.