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Duration: 7 hours
Departure: Everyday
Route: The Ancient City Of Alexandria Troas – Troy – The Ancient City Of Assos
Çanakkale Private Tours: Everday


You shall be picked up from the Canakkale airport, Canakkale Hotel ,Canakkale Marina or Canakkale  cruise ship port. Your Canakkale guide will hold up a sign with your name on it. Canakkale  tour  will take approximately 7 hours and after will drive you back to your Canakkale hotel , Canakkale Marina , Canakkale airport or Canakkale harbor in Turkey.

Our tours will be start from Troy was rebuilt in a limited fashion and stood between 1200-1100 BC (Troy vi-b), but was eventually left abandoned until around 700 BC when a small village existed on the site. The city was again rebuilt during the Hellenistic and Roman period some distance away (where it enters into the New Testament in the form of Troas (see article on Troas/Dalyan; Acts 16:8-11, the place of St. Paul’s Macedonian call vision; cp. also 2 Cor. 2:12-13, Acts 20:6-12, 2 Tim. 4:13). A visitor today will encounter a number of points of interest including the ancient fortifications exposed by Schliemann and a modern Trojan horse model.After  you have taken in the sights your Troy Tour guide will give  you approx one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments is for lunch. And then we’ll move Alexandria Troas.And then we will go Alexandria Troas, city was founded by Antigonos and Lysimachos at the command of Alexander the Great. Because of its artificial harbor, Troas became a powerful and rich commercial town. This city was visited several times by St. Paul during his journeys.The terms Troy, Troas, and Troad were derived from the name of the ancient people known as the Troes. The Troes lived in the Troad. This region became part of the Roman province of Asia, and was a substantial portion of the area known as Mysia which included the cities of Troas, Assos and Pergamum.The term Troas or Troad was used to describe the region where Alexander first defeated the Persians in the Battle of Granicus. The city of Alexandria Troas, located about 10 miles from ancient Troy was first called Antigonia. Lysimachus changed the name to Alexandria in about 300 B.C., but there were many cities named for Alexander, so this one came to be called Alexandria Troas.Colin Hemer points out that “Troas was a nodal point on what became a sophisticated system of international routes, organized functionally with regard to complex variables of speed and safety, of season and weather and conditions by land and sea.” Troas was, therefore, an ideal place from which the Gospel would spread into Europe.Troas was made a Roman colony by Augustus, and became one of the important cities of northwest Asia. A man of Macedonia appeared in a night vision to Paul at Troas and immediately his traveling party sailed for Macedonia (Acts 16:8‑11). Timothy, Silas, Luke, and perhaps others, were with Paul at Troas. After  you have taken in the sights your Troy Tour guide will give  you approx one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments is for lunch. And then we’ll move Assos.

We are going to see The ancient city of Assos, we will see there Assos Walls, Publius Varius Tomb, Necropolis of Assos, Assos Western churches, city gates, towers, Holy Spring Hill, Bouleuterion Assos, Assos Stoa, Ancient Road, Assos Agora, Agora, Temple, Assos Gymnasium the medieval Church and the Roman Baths in Assos. Assos city was founded around 1000 – 900 BC by colonists from the island of Lesbos.Hermias of Atarneus (a student of Plato) ruled Assos in the middle of the 4th century BC Because Hermias encouraged philosophers to move to the city Aristotle, after he had left Athens, went to Assos and opened a school of philosophy in 348 BC. And, finally, will see temple of Athena in Assos. The settlers built a Doric Temple to Athena on top of the crag in 530 BC. Temple of Athena was built most highest instead in Acropolis. Temple name come from of Zeus’ daughter, Athena, goddess of war.And then we will return our starting points.

When the tour has finished your Troy&Assos Tour guide will return you to your pick up point. You can take a Private Troy&Assos Tour where you can be picked up by your Troy&Assos Tour guide at your convienence. Where your Troy&Assos Tour guide will pick you up at approx 08.00 hours for your Troy&Assos Tour.

PS: Canakkale tours we provide are private tours which means they include a driver and a separate tour guide who speaks english and they will accompany you throughout the tour and they will be able to answer any questions or queries during your tour. Those who book in advance avoid the rush and tight squeezes of traveling with all of the crowds.

What’s Included

  • Private Professional Licenced English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Private Deluxe A/C VIP Vehicle.
  • Parking Fees of vehicle
  • Pick up From Canakkale Harbor, Canakkale Airport, Canakkale Hotel
  • Drop off to Canakkale Harbor, Canakkale Airport, Canakkale Hotel

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities to the guide and driver.
  • Lunch.
  • Personal expenses.
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Private Chiristian Biblical Study Tour is runs everyday and available all year round.