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Duration: 7 hours
Departure: Everyday
Route: Asansor- Beth Israel Synagogue (Not guaranteed visiting inside),Dario Moreno Street and House-Havra Street,Kemeralti str. (STREETS ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS)-Sardis


You shall be picked up from the Izmir airport, Izmir Hotel ,Izmir Marina or Izmir  cruise ship port. Your Ephesus guide will hold up a sign with your name on it. Ephesus  tour  will take approximately  7 hours and after will drive you back to your Izmir hotel ,Izmir Marina ,Izmir airport or Izmir harbor in Turkey.

In the Izmir and Sardis Jewish Heritage Tour from Izmir ,We will drive  to Sardis,was capital of the Lydian Empire, dominant over Aegean Ionia from 680-547 BCE.The Lydians embraced and embellished the existing Hellenic culture,providing the world with dice,balls and coin minting.The expression “rich as Croesus” refers  to the Lydian King Croesus,once the wealthiest man in the world.The entrance of Sardis leads to the Marble way,lined by a row Byzantine shops.End of the marble road Synagogue,which houses splendid mosaic floors from 3th century CE.The imposing columns of the Gymnasium,which affirms the historic grandeur of this encient city.After Sardis we will drive to the Izmir city center.Traditionally the birth place of Homer,who was honoured here in Classical times in the Homereium,Of the original Hellenistic city states along the Aegean coast of Asia Minor,only Smyrna, now Turkish Izmir,survived the catastrophes that befell the region. In the Izmir and Sardis Jewish Heritage Tour,Our first stop is above the city at Mt.Pagus is the most enduring of Alexander’s legacies, the Kadifekale Castle, built in the 4th century BCE,From Kadifekale there is excellent  view across the harbour to Karsiyaka. The Agora at the foot of the hill is clearly visible.We will drive to Jews District in Izmir and Visit the one of the Jews Synagogues of Izmir,Then we drive to Asansor, The historical asansor(elevator) running to Asansor the street of Dario Moreno, are places well worth visiting in the city.Dario Moreno (3 April 1921 – 1 December 1968) was a Turkish polyglot singer of Jewish origin, as well as an accomplished composer, lyricist and guitarist, who was born in Aydın, Turkey, in 1921, and who attained fame and made a remarkable career centered in France which also included films, during the 1950s and the 1960s.Asansor built in 1907 by Nesim Levi Bayrakli.He is the Grand –grand father of Marc Levy,who is a world renowned french writer.Before its construction,a stairway with 155 steps was used to climb to the Halit Pahsa,a district 50 meter above.with aid of the two elevators in the tower,the two district were joined.After visiting to Asansor and Dario Moreno Street,We will visit the Beth Israel Synagogue,It was built after an order written by Sultan Abdulhamit II to the Governor Of Izmir,former Grand Vezier Kamil Pahsa,in order to facilitate the religious chores of the Jews living at the neighborhood af Karatas.This Synagogue is largest one at Izmir.Today ,our jewish citizens hold their wedding ceremonies in this synagogue.The construction of the synagogue was started in 1905,and it was put into service in 1907.Then we will drive to Kemeralti, Izmir’s one of the best known shopping centers is the historical kemeralti Bazaar,Havra Street is an important street the historical Kemeralti Bazaar.Havra Streets get its name from Many Synagogues (havra) built on it.Today this region hosts 9 synagogues (Signora Giveret Synagogue,Shaar Ashamayan Synagogue,Berkholim Synagogue,Algazi Synagogue,Aydınlı Shalom Synagogue,Bilkour Holim Synagogue,Rosh-Ha-Ar Synagogue,Hevra Synagogue,Shaar Ha Shamaim Synagogue ),of which 4 are currently in use. After you have taken in the sights your Izmir Jewish Heritage Tour, your Izmir tour guide will give you approx one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments in the Asansor, When the tour has finished your Izmir Tour guide will return you to your pick up point. You can take a Private Izmir Jewish Heritage Tour where you can be picked up by your Izmir Tour guide at your convienence, where your Izmir Tour guide will pick you up at approx 08.00 hours for your Izmir Jewish Heritage tour.

PS: Jeiwsh heritage  tours we provide are private tours which means they include a driver and a separate tour guide who speaks english and they will accompany you throughout the tour and they will be able to answer any questions or queries during your tour. Those who book in advance avoid the rush and tight squeezes of traveling with all of the crowds.

What’s Included

  • Private Professional Licenced English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Private Deluxe A/C VIP Vehicle.
  • Parking Fees of vehicle
  • Pick up From Izmir Harbor, Izmir Airport, Izmir Hotel
  • Drop off to Izmir Harbor, Izmir Airport, Izmir Hotel

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities to the guide and driver
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  •  Appointment fee to Synagogue
Private Izmir & Sardis Jewish Haritage Tour Prices Per Person
01 Person 02 Person 03 Person 04 Person 05-06 Person 07-12 Person
A tour document with details and confirmations will be e-mailed after booking.
Private Izmir and Sardis Jewish Tour is runs everyday and available all year round.