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Duration: 6 hours (approx)
Departure: Everyday
Route: Grand Mosque of Pergamon, Red Basilica, Arasta(Turkish Local Market)


Pergamum tour guide will hold up a sign with your name on it. Pergamum tour  will take about 6 hours and after will drive you back to your Dikili Harbor, Dikili Hotels, Bergama Town in Turkey.

After pick you up we will drive to Pergamum Acropolis. It will takes about 30 minute driving to Dikili Port. Bergama, with historical and cultural richness, is one of the most special cities of Turkey. In its history of about three thousand years. Bergama witnessed many civilizations and continues tos hare the traces and manuscipts of this back ground this with today. The atlar of Zeus, Basilica as one of the seven churches of christianity, Asclepion is one of the first hospital in histrory, The physician Galen, who is founder of Parchment and parchment presented by Pergamon to the humanity. Arrival to Pergamon, Pergamon witnessed many civilizations and continues to share the traces and manuscripts of this back ground. Pergamon people have now set goal with the honor and responsibility of having such amaginifecent heritage to enter the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Our firs stop will be The Grand Mosque of Pergamon, is largest and most ancient mosque among Turkish structures surviving present day in Bergama. The mosque built 1398 to 1399. After the short visiting to Mosque, we will walk to Red Basilica or Red Court, The most spectacular structure of the ancient Pergamon which was constructed on the plains is Red Basilica. According to data of cult and history, Red Baslica, admired both for its design and huge dimensions, was dedicated to the God of Egypt Serapis, under the reign of Hadrian (A.D 117-138).The temple was converted into a basilica shaped church with three naves by its dedicated to St. John. Thus, it became one of the seven churches of Christianity. Pergamon, has got a famouse kitchen, We will have very tasty and good lunch. Bergama is paradise of olive oil that is one of the indispensible foods of Turkey. We have idiom in Turkey, After dinner, walk or 40 steps, or 40 min sleep, Thats why we have walking to the narrow streets of Pergamon, see the old Otoman and Greek style houses from 18th century. There are many diverse types of houses in Pergamon. These include traditional half timbered Turkish Houses from Otoman Period, and western stile masonries are the Greek Houses. We will end up by Arasta, Arasta mean is local market area, it is from the ordinary experience for foreigners, Arasta starting to take shape as from the 14th and 15th centuries, has served for trade and craft for thousend of years. Pergamon Arasta comprised of the gathering of diffrent guilds including boots makers, linen drapers, saddlers and cereal dealers. It will be very diffrent experince and taste for local and foreigner quests. After Pergamon tour, you have taken in the sights your Pergamon Tour guide will give  you approx one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments in the Arasta. When the tour has finished your Pergamon Tour guide will return you to your pick up point.


Pergamum is also an important city in terms of Carpet business. Pergamum carpets, among the most advanced crafts of the city and having an ethnographic value, gained world wide reputation. Pergamum Carpets are grouped under 18 main headings and four regions according to the color, pattern, shape and weaving techniques used. These regions are as follows.

Kozak Region/Pergamum Turkey (Gulbas, Kilaz, Karaceli,Yagcibedir)

Yuntdagi Region/Pergamum Turkey (Derici, Yuncu, Sarikeci, Maldan,Gaylan)

Yagcibedir Region/ Pergamum Turkey (Kocaoba, Yagcibedir,Mazili,Caglan,Yenice,Samanlik,Islamlar,Kizilcukur)

Karadag Region/ Pergamum Turkey (Hardal, Kaan,Muslu,Cepni,Yagcibedir)

Today,the most known carpet among these four regions is Yagcibedir Carpet,also called as Kiz(girl) Bergama.

What’s Included

  • Private Professional Licenced English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Private Deluxe A/C VIP Vehicle.
  • Parking Fees of vehicle
  • Pick up From Dikili Harbor, Izmır Port, Izmir Airport, Dikili and Bergama Hotels
  • Drop off to Dikili Harbor, Izmır Port, Izmir Airport, Dikili and Bergama Hotels

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities to the guide and driver.
  • Lunch.
  • Personal expenses.
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  • A tour document with details and confirmations will be e-mailed after booking.
  • Private Journey to The Enigmatic and Mysterious Pergamum Tour is runs everyday and available all year round.