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Duration: 7 hours
Departure: Everyday
Route: Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings, Scenic / Historic Walking Areas, Battlefields area – Temple of Athena- Behramkale Village- Murad Hudavendigar Mosque- Ancient Assos port
Çanakkale Private Tours: Everday


You shall be picked up from the Canakkale airport, Canakkale Hotel ,Canakkale Marina or Canakkale  cruise ship port. Your Canakkale guide will hold up a sign with your name on it. Canakkale  tour  will take about 7 hours and after will drive you back to your Canakkale hotel , Canakkale Marina , Canakkale airport or Canakkale harbor in Turkey.

Our tour will begin with Troy. The ancient city of Troy is one of the world’s most famous ancient cities. The site slept forgotten untill Heinrich Schliemann, a German-born American millionaire-turned amateur archaeologist, decided to prove that the Homeric myths were not pure fiction. Staking out the most promising site along the cost, he hired local workers and began excavating.To the astonishment of fellow archaeologists, Schliemann uncoverd the ancient city.When we entered the ancient city with a rich history of the legend, we will see first the Trojan Wooden Horse. From seeing Troy’s ancient walls, climbing around the ruins, and gazing across the Troad (the plains of Troy) towards the waters of the Dardanelles and the hills of Gallipoli beyond.Troy is impressive for its great age and beautiful situation. People raised on stories of the TROJAN WAR should not expect imposing ruins, the city Homer wrote about came tumbling down 3000 years ago.But the remaining Bronze age fortifications, given their age, are remarkably well preserved.The tackytion.Nevertheless, if you are familiar with the Homeric stories of Hector, Paris and foxy Helen, you will get the sensation that these immortalized characters did indeed play out the tragedy on this site. Nine distinct strata, each containing the remains of city from a different period, have been identifed and dubbed Troy İ through Troy  İX. An illustrated explanation of each stratum is availeble in the Excavation House.Troy İ dates from 3200 BC The city of Homer’s İliad is now believed to be Troy Vİ, not, ironiccally, Troy İİ, the city Schliemann excavated.Look out for house foundations, city walls, a temple, theater and bring bottle of water, because you will need it.After  you have taken in the sights your Troy Tour guide will give  you approx one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax have some refreshments is for lunch. And then we’ll move Assos.

Assos The city was founded from 1000-900 BC by Aeolian colonists from Lesbos, who specifically are said to have come from Methymna. The settlers built a Doric Temple to Athena on top of the crag in 530 BC. From this temple Hermias of Atarneus, a student of Plato, ruled Assos, the Troad and Lesbos for a period of time, under which the city experienced its greatest prosperity. The Persians were driven out by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Between 241 and 133 BC, the city was ruled by the Kings of Pergamon. However, in 133 BC, the Pergamons lost control of the city as it was absorbed by the Roman empire.St. Paul also visited the city during his third missionary journey through Asia Minor, which was between 53-57 AD, on his way to Lesbos. From this period onwards, Assos shrunk to a small village, as it has remained ever since. Atop a hill surrounded by olive groves are the ruins of the Doric-style Temple of Athena, surrounded by crumbling city walls and an ancient Necropolis (Cemetery) Then we will visit Behramkale Village and 14th-century Ottoman Murad Hudavendigar Mosque. The hill offers spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby Greek island of Lesvos. We will see Ancient Assos port .The small pebbly beach makes for an excellent place to relax or simply sit in fish restaurants.

When the tour has finished your Troy&Assos Tour guide will return you to your pick up point. You can take a Private Troy&Assos Tour where you can be picked up by your Troy&Assos Tour guide at your convienence. Where your Troy&Assos Tour guide will pick you up at approx 08.00 hours for your Troy&Assos Tour.

PS: Canakkale tours we provide are private tours which means they include a driver and a separate tour guide who speaks english and they will accompany you throughout the tour and they will be able to answer any questions or queries during your tour. Those who book in advance avoid the rush and tight squeezes of traveling with all of the crowds.

What’s Included

  • Private Professional Licenced English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • Private Deluxe A/C VİP Vehicle.
  • Parking Fees of vehicle
  • Pick up From Canakkale Harbor, Canakkale Airport, Canakkale Hotel
  • Drop off to Canakkale Harbor, Canakkale Airport, Canakkale Hotel

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities to the guide and driver.
  • Lunch.
  • Personal expenses.
Private Troy&Assos Tour Prices Per Person
01 Person 02 Person 03 Person 04 Person 05 Person 6-12 Person
.- € .- € .- € .- € .- € .- €
A tour document with details and confirmations will be e-mailed after booking.
Private Troy & Assos Tours is runs everyday and available all year round.