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10 Day Turkey Tour By Bus

Tour Code: TRPACKAGE140 | Package Tours | Duration: 10 days / 9 nights | Departure: Everyday

Highlights: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Ephesus, Kusadasi


Day 1 - Arrival in Istanbul
Today marks the beginning of your tour. Upon your arrival at Istanbul airport, you will be picked up and transferred to your hotel. Take this time to rest and prepare for tomorrow's exploration. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2 – Byzantine & Ottoman Relics Tour, Overnight bus to Cappadocia
Today, you will check out from the hotel and bring your suitcases and belongings with you. 
Pickup from your hotel at 08:30. Begin the day with a visit to St. Hagia Sophia, one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture. Its interior is adorned with mosaics, marble pillars, and colorful coverings. The temple's rich decoration led Justinian to proclaim, “Solomon, I have outdone thee.” Just across from St. Sophia is the Blue Mosque, known for its grand scale and six minarets. Decorated with 21,043 tiles from Iznik, it earned the name 'Blue Mosque.' Continue to the Ancient Hippodrome, where chariot races once took place, and explore the monuments: The Obelisk of Theodosius, The Bronze Serpentine Column, and the Column of Constantine. Proceed to Topkapi Palace, the magnificent palace of the Ottoman sultans, dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries. It houses an exquisite collection of crystal, silver, Chinese porcelain, and relics of the Prophet Mohammed. To conclude the day, take a short drive to the exotic Grand Bazaar (closed on Sundays and Feast days), one of Istanbul's most colorful institutions. At around 17:00, head to your next destination, Cappadocia.

Please note that all public buses are non-smoking and fully air-conditioned. (duration is 11 hours) Breakfast and Lunch Included.

Day 3 – Cappadocia Tour 1, Overnight in Cappadocia
Upon your arrival in Cappadocia, you will be transferred to your hotel, allowing you some time to freshen up before we embark on our exploration of Cappadocia's secrets. Our day begins with a visit to Devrent Valley, also known as ‘Imagination Valley.’ While this valley lacks the cave churches, Byzantine frescoes, or Roman citadel ruins found elsewhere in Cappadocia, it boasts a unique and extraordinary landscape with shapes resembling various animals. Let your imagination run wild as you spot these formations, bringing joy and wonder. Our next stop is Pasabag (Monk’s Valley), where you can marvel at mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys. These fascinating structures formed due to the deposition of harder rock material above. The valley earned the nickname 'Monk’s Valley' due to ascetic monks who lived hermit lifestyles here as early as the 5th century, adopting a 'stylite' way of living, dwelling inside pillars where they fasted and prayed. After exploring Pasabag, we'll head to the town of Avanos, set on the banks of Kizilirmak, or 'The Red River.' Starting with the old village of Avanos, a beautiful maze of restored stone houses and converted structures, you'll encounter features of traditional Ottoman architecture, ancient decorations, motifs, and murals. Take part in a hands-on pottery workshop and enjoy a lunch break (included) to recharge. Following lunch, we proceed to the Goreme Open Air Museum, housing incredible rock formations and fascinating rock-cut churches. You'll undoubtedly enjoy exploring the depth of Goreme, and make sure to have extra camera film on hand. Our final stop for the day is Uchisar, a village perched on a steep rock formation, providing dramatic panoramas of astonishing Cappadocia. Take some free time during the tour to relax, grab refreshments, and soak in the panoramic views. The tour concludes around 17:00, and you'll be transferred back to your hotel for the evening.

Day 4 – Cappadocia Tour 2, Overnight bus to Pamukkale
Today, you'll check out from the hotel, taking your suitcases and belongings with you.
Our tour today begins with a visit to Red Valley and Rose Valley, two of the most beautiful places for walking in Cappadocia. The two valleys are adjacent and easily combined. In Rose Valley, don't miss the Hacli Church and the Ayvali Church, both featuring astounding painted decorations on the interior. We'll then explore the old Christian Village of Cavusin before heading to Pigeon Valley. The path through Pigeon Valley offers spectacular views of natural cliffs and man-made caves, passing through tunnels carved into the rockside. Our tour continues with a visit to Ozkonak Underground City and Ortahisar Castle. Kaymakli Underground City boasts eight levels dating from the 6th to 9th centuries, with five open to the public. The tunnels, cellars, store rooms, and stables, all excavated from soft volcanic rock, are truly astonishing. Ortahisar Castle, situated at an 86m height cave in the period of Eti, is the most pronounced structure of Nevsehir. During today's tour, you'll have one hour of free time to relax or enjoy refreshments. Our adventure through Cappadocia concludes around 17:00, and from Cappadocia, we depart for Pamukkale at 21:00 (about 10 hours). Your breakfast and lunch are included in today’s tour.

Optional: Hot air Balloon tour.

Day 5 – Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour, Overnight in Pamukkale
After traveling through the night, we will arrive in Pamukkale in the early morning. Firstly, we will transfer you to your hotel so you can freshen up before the start of our Pamukkale tour. Your arranged pick-up from the hotel will take you to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle), the home of Ancient Hierapolis (Holy City). Pamukkale has been drawing the weary and the curious from all around the world to its thermal springs for more than 23 centuries. The Turkish name refers to the extraordinary surface of the snow-white cliffs, shaped over millennia by the accumulation of calcium deposited by mineral springs. Legend has it that the formations are solidified cotton (the area’s principal crop) that was left out to dry by giants. Dripping slowly down a vast mountainside, mineral-rich water foams and collects in bowls that terrace the decline, spilling over petrified cascades of stalactites into milky pools below. The site of ancient Hierapolis and the accompanying museums are overshadowed by the springs but are nevertheless fascinating. You shouldn’t leave Pamukkale without having a healing dip in the sacred fountain of Cleopatra’s pool. Cleopatra's Pool has warm clear fizzy water that bubbles from the spring's source, but these days it is blocked off to prevent divers from disappearing into its hidden depths. On the bottom surface of the pool, you can see the ancient remains of the Roman columns – Cleopatra's Pool is an oasis. After taking a walk along the terraces, we will take a short walk to Hierapolis City. Outside the main entrance is the Necropolis (Graveyard), with more than 1200 tombs and sarcophagi. The people who wished to have been buried here believed that being within proximity to the hot springs and vapor-emitting cracks would ease their trip to the Underworld. Among the tombs lies the Martyrium, an octagonal 5th-century edifice believed to have been erected upon the site where St. Philip was martyred in 80 CE. Hierapolis City Bath – The springs of Hierapolis were particularly popular among vacationing Romans. The city's baths had a glossy marble interior that has now been converted into a mediocre Archaeological Museum. You will notice that carved into the side of the mountain is the monstrous Grand Theater that dominates the vista of Hierapolis. Almost all of the seating area, with a capacity of 25,000, is still intact, along with various ornately sculpted decorative elements adorning the 3rd century CE. During today’s tour, you will have one hour of free break time to rest, and of course, if you like, you can take some refreshments from the cafeteria on-site (your lunch will be included).

Day 6 – Aphrodisias Tour, Overnight in Kusadasi
Today, you need to check out from the hotel and take your suitcases and all of your belongings with you.
Our journey begins by driving to Aphrodisias, the ancient city dedicated to Aphrodite – The Goddess Of Beauty, Love, and Fertility. Aphrodisias is also famous for its school of sculpture. While here, we will be visiting the stadium – the best-preserved in all of Anatolia, the Temple of Aphrodite, the Tetrapylon, the Theatre, and then the Museum. After the tour comes to an end, we make our way to Kusadasi by bus at 17:00 (duration about 3 hours). Breakfast and Lunch Included.

Day 7 – Ephesus Tour, Overnight in Kusadasi
Today, you will embark on a full-day Ephesus sightseeing tour, commencing at 09:00 am. We will pick you up from your hotel in Kusadasi, offering you the option to join a group tour or opt for a private tour. Our journey begins with a short drive to Ephesus. Initially, we will visit The House of the Virgin Mary, situated atop Bulbul Mountain. Discovered in the 19th century, it is believed to be the place where St. John brought Mary (the mother of Jesus) between AD 37-48, and where she spent her last years. The next stop on our tour is the Ancient City of Ephesus, home to one of the most spectacular excavations in the world. You will explore remarkable sites such as the Odeon, The Fountain of Trajan, the stream baths of Scholastika, the Temple of Hadrian, and the Grand Theater, along with the impressive library of Ephesus. The library, adorned with columns and statues, remains in relatively excellent condition, offering a captivating journey back in time among the Romans. The Grand Theater, where Saint Paul preached, is believed to be the largest outdoor theater in the ancient world with a seating capacity of 25,000. Our tour concludes with a visit to the great Temple of Artemis (Diana), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Artemis was a goddess of fertility, often depicted draped with eggs or multiple breasts. The final site in Selcuk is the Mosque of Isa Bey, built in the 19th century and formerly used as a caravanserai, showcasing exceptional architectural beauty. During today’s tour, you will have a one-hour free break to rest, and, if you wish, you can enjoy refreshments at the on-site cafeteria (breakfast & lunch included).

Day 8 – Free day in Kusadasi, Overnight on a bus to Istanbul 
Today, gather your belongings as we check out from the hotel to head to our next destination. 
This is a free day for you to explore more of Kusadasi. There are numerous attractions nearby, and we've listed a few suggestions: Pigeon Island – an island connected to the mainland offering breathtaking views of the coastline; Sirince Village – a charming old orthodox village with narrow streets selling various handicrafts; National Park – an ideal place to escape the town's hustle and bustle, witness wildlife in its natural glory, or enjoy a barbecue on one of the beach bays. Alternatively, stroll around the town of Kusadasi, indulge in shopping at the bazaar, relax on local beaches, or savor authentic Turkish cuisine. You might even consider returning to Ephesus for an Ephesus Skydive Tour (extra cost) or an Ephesus Microlight Blue Voyage Tour (extra cost). Feel free to contact us if you'd like us to arrange the Skydive or Voyage tour for you. We will depart from Kusadasi at 21:30 and start our journey to Istanbul (overnight on the bus to Istanbul – duration about 10 hours). Breakfast Included. 

Day 9 – Free day in Istanbul, Overnight in Istanbul
Upon our morning arrival in Istanbul, you will be transferred to your designated hotel by shuttle. The entire day is yours to spend as you wish – whether you opt for relaxation or choose to explore the enchanting city of Istanbul. Here are some MUST-SEE suggestions for you:
Basilica Cistern: An unexpectedly romantic place fitted with lights and music, where fish gracefully swim around the bases of the 336 columns supporting the ceiling. Don't miss the upside-down head of Medusa forming the bottom of one column.
Süleymaniye Mosque: Stand on Galata Bridge and gaze at the historic skyline to spot this mosque, designed by the great Ottoman architect Sinan for Suleiman the Magnificent. It is considered the finest among the 42 surviving mosques he designed for Istanbul. Unusually, it retains much of the original complex of social service buildings, including several madrasahs, a hospital, a library, and a hammam. Additionally, there are a few museums worth a visit, such as the Istanbul Archaeology Museums and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum.
You will have an overnight stay in Istanbul as tomorrow marks the final day of your Historical tour around Turkey.

Day 10 – End of Tour
After enjoying breakfast, it's time to check out from your hotel room by noon. Subsequently, you will be transferred to Istanbul Ataturk Airport to catch your flight back home. The transfer to the airport will be scheduled based on your flight details. Your journey with us has come to an end, and we hope that your time exploring Turkey's hidden treasures has exceeded your expectations. We wish you a pleasant journey home and look forward to welcoming you again on one of our many other time-traveling packages. (Breakfast included)

PS: Normally, hotel check-in time is at noon. In case of early check-in and your room not being ready, please leave your suitcases at the hotel's luggage room.

No extra hidden cost..!

What is included

What’s Included
Transfers mentioned in the itinerary (regular group transfers).
Local taxes and service charges.
Hotel accommodations on the itinerary according to your selection as 3, 4, or 5 stars.
Meals are mentioned in the itinerary.
Professional English speaking guidance.
(You can ask for other language options for groups).
Entrance fees to the various sites
Transportation with A/C and nonsmoking coaches.

What’s Not Included
Dinner, Drinks.
Tips to guide, driver and hotel personnel (optional).
Personal expenses.

No extra hidden cost!


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Mr Neil Brookes 2018-11-20

The 10 days Turkey tour by bus package we attended on was fully accompained by one of the most best, knowledgable and most wonderful tour guide i have ever come across in my entire time of travelling the world. During the 10 day turkey tour by bus package you travel along the most scenic landscapes whilst stopping off along the way to various sight seeing spots and the whole time Burak ( our tour guide ) informed us always of what we was looking at, what happened there, what the future holds but the way he told the information came across to us as if he actually lived in the moment these events happened. Im so happy with the treatment we received when booking our holiday with www.greeceturkeytours.com and have already put the word out for all of the people we know that are looking to explore the wonders of Turkey old style by road, as the 10 days turkey tour by bus package holds everything you would want and much more.

susan holdcroft 2018-12-10

Recently visited Turkey and amazing places such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Aphrodisia, followed by Ephesus and then the cute resort of Kusadasi and all of these places we got to explore by taking part on a 10 day turkey tour by bus we had arranged with www.greeceturkeytours.com. The whole 10 day turkey tour by bus package consisted of a small group of people most of which was also there first time discovering Turkey so we had things in common with each other which was lovely especially as i was travelling alone. What made the 10 days turkey tour by bus package memorable for me was everything from beginning to the end, from the package been arranged and sorted by Mehmet to each and every tour been guided in the most awesome way possible with all thanks to Burak. Im very very pleased with the service recieved from this agency, and its a holiday i will rememeber for a lifetime.

Kirsty Jackson 2018-12-10

Me and a group of about 8 friends contacted Vedat from www.greeceturkeytours.com explaining to him that we had a limited budget but at the same time wanted to explore as many sights in Turkey as possible, as we was a group it took time for everyone to agree on what places we wanted to visit and what could be possible with the timescale we all had too but i have to say vedat was very patient with all the emails we had passed back and fourth over about 3 weeks and also very helpful each time we had a question - so firstly thankyou Vedat! The itinerary we all decided to partake in was the 10 days turkey tour by bus for the month of June, this 10 day turkey tour by bus package was incredible. The bus they used for the 10 day turkey tour by bus package was massive and extremely comfortable which was great especially for the distances travelled through the night - we was all able to get a good sleep! So what im trying to say that if you are on a budget / love road trips and exploring as many places as possible in one go then the 10 day turkey tour by bus package would be suitable for you..be sure to ask for vedat and Fezo as your tour guide as they literally made the whole experience for us AMAZING! - leedsgroup
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