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Trabzon daily private tour route one

Tour Code: SHRTRBV278 | Private Tours | Duration: 8 hours | Departure: Everyday

Highlights: Sumela Monastery, Zigana Pass and Hamsikoy


Join us on a captivating journey through Sumela Monastery, Zigana Pass, and Hamsiköy Village with our exclusive daily private tour departing from Trabzon. Beginning at your chosen location, we whisk you away to Alt?ndere National Park, where a scenic drive leads to the renowned Sumela Monastery. Traverse through lush forests and historic grounds, exploring the monastery's intricate architecture and sacred sites before continuing our expedition to Zigana Pass, a pivotal stop along the ancient Silk Road. Conclude your adventure in charming Hamsiköy, savoring its natural wonders and culinary delights before bidding farewell in Trabzon, promising memories to cherish forever.

Discover the wonders of Sumela Monastery, Zigana Pass, and Hamsiköy Village on our exclusive daily private tour, crafted for discerning travelers seeking an immersive experience. Setting off from Trabzon, our journey commences at your preferred location, ensuring a seamless and personalized adventure. Traverse through Alt?ndere National Park to reach the majestic Sumela Monastery, where centuries of history and spiritual significance await exploration. Journey through Zigana Pass, tracing the footsteps of ancient traders, before indulging in the scenic beauty and culinary delights of Hamsiköy, concluding our excursion with fond farewells in Trabzon, with memories etched in your heart forever.

Embark on a bespoke journey through Sumela Monastery, Zigana Pass, and Hamsiköy Village, tailored to your preferences and departing daily from Trabzon. Our adventure begins with a personalized pick-up from your hotel or chosen meeting point, ensuring the utmost convenience and comfort throughout. Delve into the rich history of Sumela Monastery, navigating its hallowed halls and serene surroundings before ascending through Zigana Pass, where panoramic vistas and tales of the Silk Road await. Conclude your sojourn in Hamsiköy, indulging in its tranquil charm and delectable treats, before returning to Trabzon, filled with cherished memories and the promise of future adventures.

What is included

Transportation by driver-guide
All trips mentioned in the program
Pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel

Not included
Sumela Monastery entrance fee
National Park shuttle service fee


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